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Since 2008 Samaritan’s Touch has had a unique vision of how to speak healing and restoration into the lives of those who have been crushed and wounded by human trafficking. The focus of Samaritan’s Touch is to challenge families to come alongside a survivor of human trafficking that has been rescued and to “Sponsor” them – to make the commitment to treat them like part of your family and to love them long-term as they go through the process of healing and restoration.

If you’re familiar with the horror or human trafficking and what is being done, you can jump to the information on the ministry of Samaritan’s Touch.

Samaritans Touch – A New Family!

If human trafficking is new to you, take a few minutes to discover the horror that is personally known to over 30,000,000 people around the world. The following links will open pages that introduce you to the hidden world of human trafficking and prepare your heart to understand the healing value of Samaritan’s Touch.

The Horror ::04

Discover the facts that illustrate, but don’t truly tell, the real stories of those whose lives have been crushed by being kidnapped, sold, or coerced into becoming a modern day slave.

Discover Slavery

Learn the definition, descriptions, and details of human trafficking / modern day slavery.

Slavery Statistics

Get a glimpse into the immensity of slavery in the world today. Human trafficking is the second largest business in the world with an annual value of over $32,000,000,000.

The Hope ::

There are many people whose hearts are becoming passionate for actively helping to rescue those trapped in slavery and to destroy the infrastructure that feeds it. Discover ways that you can help bring hope.



Girls as young as this one are rescued from sex slavery by Far Corners. (Image courtesy Far Corners Missions)

Many organizations around the country are actively pursuing finding those in human trafficking and rescuing them. See a glimpse of the growing army that is battling the evil of modern slavery and freeing the captives. You too can be a part of that battle.

After Care

When a victim of human trafficking is freed they become a SURVIVOR! Freedom, however, is not the end of the pain. Hearts are still crushed and filled with fear – now the fear of a new unknown. Some organizations around the country provide After Care to help survivors rebuild their lives.

Samaritan’s Touch – A New Family!

Discover some of the challenges faced by Survivors of human trafficking as they rebuild their lives. It’s a long road with many hurdles and needs. Hope is rebuilt by the love and care of many. Hearts are healed and encouraged by the long-term loving care of a Samaritan’s Touch Sponsor Family.

Explore how YOU can discover the immeasurable blessing of that comes from Sponsoring a Survivor and pouring healing and restoration into a crushed heart through committed love.


Choose to Love!

Make the decision to make a difference in someone’s life!
Choose to be a SPONSOR Family for a Survivor of Human Trafficking