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Only 1% of victims are rescued

A growing number of organizations are getting involved in rescuing victims of human trafficking.


The first line of attack against human trafficking is to educate the public about human trafficking. Many organizations and people have gotten actively involved in leading others to an awareness that human trafficking exists today and building passion for identifying victims of human trafficking.

The statistics on THE HORROR page reflect the efforts of some of the organizations.

Identifying a Victim of Human Traffickingear tag

One of the biggest needs is for people to PAY ATTENTION to those around them and discover those who are being held captive. Finding victims is the first step to freeing the captives.

Indications of possible human trafficking …

  • Vague but strong feeling that “something isn’t right”
  • Are they able to move freely alone or always have someone with them
  • Seem scared to talk in the presence of other people
  • School age but never in school during school hours
  • Never leave the house they are in
  • Signs of assault – bruises, cuts, bandages, limping
  • Seem disoriented, confused, malnourished, or frightened

If you can talk to them:

  • Ask if they could come visit you & share about their country. If they immediately say NO and act afraid, it is a Red Flag!
  • Ask if their passport has been taken away  (legally an automatic demonstration of human trafficking)
  • Ask if they have money and are getting paid
  • If someone immediately interrupts the conversation and prevents you talking to them it is a STRONG sign!


A national human trafficking hotline has been established to give people a central number to call and report a victim of human trafficking.

human trafficking hotline

National Human Trafficking Resource Center Call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, a national 24-hour, toll-free, multilingual anti-trafficking hotline. Call 1-888-3737-888 to report a tip; connect with anti-trafficking services in your area; or request training and technical assistance, general information, or specific anti-trafficking resources. The Center is equipped to handle calls from all regions of the United States from a wide range of callers including, but not limited to: potential trafficking victims, community members, law enforcement, medical professionals, legal professionals, service providers, researchers, students, and policymakers.




The Human Trafficking Hotline is helpful, but response to a report is sometimes slow. The realities of communication through government organizations, dealing with the requirements of legal evidence can get in the way of an emergency rescue. Some organizations around the country are actively involved in reaching out to victims and are prepared to rescue victims of human trafficking within a few minutes of a phone call.

In Houston, Texas, where Samaritan’s Touch is located, there is a growing number of organizations working together to respond immediately. Much of the planning and effort to provide immediate response is accomplished by Elijah Rising.

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Learn about Elijah Rising’s Intervention Program. The program is successfully rescuing victims of human trafficking.

Elijah Rising looks forward to helping other cities setup similar ministries.


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