AFTER CARE - Transition to a new life

The pain and fear are not yet gone ...


When a victim of human trafficking is rescued they become a SURVIVOR!  somaly_mam-credit-roland-berger-stiftung-12.preview

The pain and the fear don’t disappear, they just change. The pain of a life lost continues and is sometimes magnified by the loneliness of now having no friends around – surrounded by strangers and suspicious of their motives and goals. Fear is often increased! Usually the survivor has been brain-washed for years by their captors that any connection with the police or government will mean going to jail. Distrust and fear have been ingrained. In addition, there is now fear of the unknown. While enslaved, there was at least the security of knowing what the schedule was, how food would come, and what to expect.

True freedom does not come from the rescue. Only physical freedom is obtained. A renewed hope comes from discovering a new real life with a job and friends who really care. Freedom of the heart, however, is a long process of healing that comes from rediscovering their value as a human as loving people show them that real love means giving into their lives – not using them.

There are a growing number of organizations around the country that are being established to provide AFTER CARE. Below are some located around Houston, Texas the home of Samaritan’s Touch. Other Safe House programs are being established around the United States, but there is still a growing need as more victims are rescued. Many of the After Care Safe Houses intentionally keep a low profile to help protect those who come to them from the criminal element that may want to find them and kill them so they can’t testify.



Part of Redeemed Ministries’ outreach is a safe house for women managed by the Survivor Resources Group. This group is tasked with identifying resources, networking with pro-bono service providers and churches, providing care needed by survivors to have a fresh beginning.

Freedom Place is a Christ-centered care and recovery center for underage female victims of domestic child sex trafficking. It is the first long-term, comprehensive care facility in Texas for underage victims of domestic child sex trafficking and is one of only five such facilities in the United States.

Home of Hope Texas was established to provide a place of refuge and safety for adolescent victims of human trafficking.

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